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Get Involved

Get Involved

How can I get involved?

We’re lucky to live in a city that puts so much support into providing open data and government transparency. With an open data portal like, it’s easy to dig into some of the datasets and start learning what types of data are available.

Of course, this can be overwhelming, and you might ask, “What can I even do with this data?” That’s why we’re here! Here are some suggestions on getting involved in the Open Denton community.

  1. Join the TechMill Meetup group. There are always general and open data specific events going on where you can meet with other technologists, ask questions, and contribute ideas for the group to work on.
  2. Poll your neighbors. What are the biggest problems they see in the city, and is there a dataset or two available that might be able to address that? Open data isn’t just about collecting data, but also connecting that data to solve actual problems.
  3. Join the TechMill Slack group and hop in the #opendenton channel. There we’re always posting links to new open data sites, concepts, and resources.

There’s always someone working on something in the city, but if you get an idea on your own, see if anyone else would like to work on it! We have support from the UNT libraries, the City of Denton technology dept, and organizations like TechMill to help curate and develop great ideas that support citizens in Denton.