Denton Innovation Lab

The Denton Innovation Lab Is a partnership between public, private, and individuals to design and pilot smart city initiatives and applications to build a more prosperous City of Denton.

As there are a vast number of opportunities available, we’ve narrowed the current list of Smart Denton Projects into two initial phases.

Phase One:

  • Pilot parking App using City current surveillance camera
  • Pilot smart lights with (public safety, environmental, motion detector sensors)
  • Pilot a network of environmental sensors
  • Apply Open Data portal improvements plan
  • Applying for Traffic data sharing grant

Phase Two:

  • Pilot linking 311 system, mobile reporting system
  • Autonomous vehicle testing
  • Unified user account for all city related systems
  • Smart screens with charging station
  • Adding citizen review system for city services
  • Intern program with council or in general with city operation

While this is a new adventure for the community, it’s not something we want to do alone. We would love to have participation and partners that represent various parts of the community. If you’re part of one of these organizations, contact us! We’d love to chat.

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • UNT
  • TWU
  • Denton Utilities
  • DCTA
  • United Way of Denton
  • Serve Denton
  • Kubos
  • Upventur
  • Ready Rosie
  • Denton Rotary Club
  • Kiwanis
  • Main Street Association

Advisory board

We have started a small advisory board to oversee phases and give feedback on project proposals.

  • Kevin Roden
  • Kyle Taylor
  • Victor Prybutok
  • Jesse Hamner