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Open Denton Needs You! (as a Content Manager)

Open Denton Needs You! (as a Content Manager)

Back in 2012 during my last semester of college, I was getting more involved in the startup community and ended up bringing the very first Startup Weekend event to Denton. Through organizing that event, I ended up meeting Kevin Roden, a Denton city councilman. At the time, he was involved with Code for America, an organization that uses the principles and practices of the digital age to improve how government serves the American public.

I started Open Denton as a simple brand to bring together people interested in open data or civic tech, it has since become more of an icon and community that brings together all types people, technical or not, interested in making our city better through data and technology.

While TechMill has adopted Open Denton as an initiative to support and promote, it’s really driven and developed by the community. We are looking for someone(s) to take over management and content creation for

If you’re interested, let me know! As a community and city initiative, we’d love to see more content and goals for the site to become a great resource for everyone.

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1. Do I have to be from Denton?

Obviously we want someone who is in Denton and involved (or wants to be involved) in the local community, but basically the site gets updated once a year, and that’s when we post about Open Data Day, when really it should be a constantly evolving resource and source of open data and civic tech news going on in Denton.

2. Does this mean we’re part of TechMill?

Good question with a fuzzy answer. To date primarily, all of the “open data stuff” has been organized by community members, people like Deborah, Jessie, Patrick, and Habib. All of the Open Denton branding, materials, social media, etc, I (Kyle Taylor), personally have created, own, or am in charge of. And such that Open Denton isn’t a formal organization, we TechMill adopted as a project to support. If we ever raise any donations for open data projects, it would go through our 501(c)(3) and be earmarked for Open Denton work.

So the fuzzy technical answer (I think?) is someone to lead a subcommittee of TechMill for Open Denton. A subcommittee would just be a group of TechMill members (in which we define a member as anyone who donates, volunteers, attends, or contributes to TechMill initiatives - more on that later) who work on a project and report back to the board during monthly/bi-monthly meetings. This can be as simple as an update on what has happened or planning to happen.