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City of Denton Showcase

City of Denton Showcase

After starting Open Denton almost 3 years ago, our group has come a long way to boost civic engagement in solving local issues through open data that’s constantly being collected and released by the city.

Last year, we collected pain points and proposed solutions from residents through our Listen Denton initiative, which gave us material to pitch six projects to city council. After that presentation, the city got together and filed a submission form for the What Works Cities program, and in late 2015, we were accepted!

Throughout that campaign, consultants and advisors from GovEx, the Center for Government Excellence, visited with city leaders and key partners over how we can become a better data oriented city through open data and technology. One of our favorite outcomes from WWC is our brand new open data portal from the city of Denton, powered by OpenGov. This is an instance of CKAN with all types of datasets covering GIS, financials, code violations, etc. It’s interactive with build-your-own charts and graphs, or plot points on maps - really really neat.

Once the platform had a decent amount of data, the city was able to generate a showcase of graphs for KPIs over all sorts of data. If you haven’t see it yet, take a look at the link below and see how our city is doing!

Strategic Performance Measures